Retail Fine Jewelry at Less than Retail

Fine quality jewelry at less than retail prices

Fine quality jewelry at less than retail prices

Have you ever thought about buying a piece of fine jewelry, but are put off by the price, or for another reason. Worry no more because I am going to illuminate your world.

Buying a piece of fine jewelry can be a very rich & rewarding experience. All you have to do is understand how this world works. Lets start off with your average mall jeweler they have an incredible amount of over head in rent, staff and other cost. So of course all of these are passed on to you. Now please do not get confused. These outlets have there place because they all sell new jewelry, sort of.

By this I mean that the stones are usually freshly mined and cut but, the gold could easily be thousands of years old. Gold is recycled all of the time and has been for thousands of years. Its rarity is what makes worth so much.

In the past 5 thousand years all of the new gold found would fill a 50 foot cube. Now think about for this a second. It took more steel than this to build the world trade centers. That is not much gold.

So if gold is being recycled, who’s to say whether the gold in your new piece of jewelry is really new gold or not? Now there is a way to buy a new to you piece of jewelry and still have a rich and rewarding experience. That is to go to a Pawn shop.

I know that Pawn shops are looked down upon as being dirty, second hand shops. This is a misconception  that I am going to dispel. Your average pawn shop takes in all kinds of goods to include tools, stereos, computers, instruments, sometimes guns and of course jewelry. Pawn shops buy scrap and wearable jewelry, that sometimes may be just what you are looking for. What You need to have is an idea of what your price range is.

The idea behind a pawn shop is, once it hits the floor, it is to be sold and they will consider all reasonable offers. I have bought some beautiful jewelry from many pawn shops in the past and I will continue to do so. There are several high end pawn shops in this country, in places like Las Vegas, Beverly Hills and many other hot spots but, they all have the same thing in common… to sell their goods!

If you are looking for a high end watch and do not want to pay full retail, look at your local pawn shop. I have seen, Rolex, Patek Phillipe, and other well-known high end watches on many occasions in pawn shops. If you are looking for a diamond, please get your self educated in the 4 C’s: cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

Buying diamonds from anywhere can be confusing. I know that folks spend thousands every day on diamonds and they are not educated. Your average jewelry store salesperson is educated to make a sale, not necessarily educated in the products they represent. I have talked to some who were selling cars the week before. If you are buying a used car for $5,000, you have it looked at by your mechanic. So, if you are spending $5,000 more or less on a diamond, it only makes sense that you should understand what you are buying.

Pawn shops are generally located in what’s known as second tier retail locations, so their costs are lower and, also because of the way they buy, these savings can be passed on to you. Pawn shops have been known to carry large high grade diamonds, estate pieces and, of course, lots if gold in it’s many shapes and forms.

If you are in mood for some shopping fun, go to a Pawn shop or two and have some fun, and of course strike a deal.

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