Gold the Luster & the Lure




Gold The Luster and the Lure


Gold the luster is incredible and the lure for some is impossible to understand. There are those among us who love the golden metal and cannot get enough of it. There are also those among us who crave the golden metal for profit. These are the folks that I am talking to on a regular basis. These folks are constantly on the hunt, in thrift shops, consignment shops, yard sales, auction houses, pawn shops and any where else you could possibly think of. They haunt places such as these for the golden metal to resell for profit as scrap or usable pieces it does not matter to them, they are profit oriented only. These folks know the wisdom of buy today & sell today before the price has a chance to move, they also understand who to sell to for the very best return on investment.

Atlantic Jewelry & Pawn is one of these places where you can expect a high return on your investment.The price of gold is at historic highs and no one knows how high it may go or long it may stay where it is. There are too many forces driving the price for anyone to be able to predict what is going to happen. So the time to sell is now while the price is high and there are profits to be made.


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