Colored Gem Stones and the Rainbow of Colors

The rainbow of colors available in gem stones is absolutely incredible. Precious and semi precious gem stones come in almost any color you can imagine. They start with clear and then run the entire gamut from every shade of red, green, blue, purple, yellow etc. If we start with the precious stones, Diamonds, Sapphires and Emeralds, I believe that you will be surprised to find how many colors these stones alone come in. Almost everyone knows Diamonds as being a white sparkling gem, however they also come in yellow, champagne, brown, blue, red, green and black. These Diamonds are sometimes rare and can be very expensive, but they are available.  Sapphires start with clear stones which are used as gem stones and watch crystals. They then move into the blues that are commonly seen in all of there hues. Sapphires also come in yellow, green, orange, plum, grey, black and of course red which we all know as Ruby’s. Yes Ruby’s are Sapphires. They fall into the same stone family corundum. Emeralds as we know are green, but they are all not created equal, they come in almost all shades of green, from light to dark.


Let’s talk about semi precious stones. Semi Precious stones come in all colors. Amethyst, are purple from very light to very dark, with the best coming from Africa and the Ural Mountains. Topaz is naturally found in clear, yellow, smokey, and sometimes blue. The majority of blue Topazes are irradiated to create, London Blue, Swiss Blue, Electric Blue, Mystic and now some newer colors that are not widely available as of yet. Citrines are orange and they fall into the same family as Amethyst, which is quartz. There is a natural stone called amytrine  that is precisely half orange and half purple and if you cook these stones in a furnace they will turn completely orange as will amethyst. We just mentioned the quartz family of stones and there is a plethora of choices with quartz. There is lemon quartz, clear, white, and many other colors available.  The last family of stones that we will talk about today is Opals. The worlds finest Opals come from Australia. These stones are very soft and should not be used in rings unless they are boulder or doublet stones. Opals start with an almost plain white color and move all the way to black.

Opals are famous for there color or fire which is created by various minerals being caught in the stone. Blue or boulder Opals have a piece of there iron stone matrix still attached which makes these very hard stones, Doublet Opals have a piece of clear quartz set over the top to protect the stone and triplet opals have a thin slice of onyx set on the bottom to help increase there color dispersion. Black opals are truly black and they run the spectrum form being almost all black to being black with a various assortment colors. The colors are usually, green, blue and red, the more a black opal has the more expensive it will become, up to 3,000.00 + a carat.


We have looked at large number of the Gem Stones available in today’s market but we have yet to scratch the surface. It is now time that we talk about quality and price. Colored Gem Stone quality runs almost the same as Diamonds, in the way that they are graded, for color and clarity. There are certain shades of blue and red in Sapphires that can make them much more expensive than Diamonds. Emeralds are usually graded on color and also clarity, the difference being that there is no such thing as a perfect Emerald. If anyone ever tries to sell you a perfect Emerald, Run do not Walk away.

Diamonds as we mentioned earlier do come in other colors besides white, but white is certainly the most popular. Diamonds are the Only Controlled price Gem Stone in the World, all others are not controlled and are bought and sold in a free market. Semi Precious Gem Stones are less expensive that Diamonds, Sapphires & Emeralds but they can still be expensive due to size, quality or rarity of the particular stone you may be looking at.  Size makes a huge difference in the price of any Gem Stone. It is fairly easy to find a small perfect or near perfect Diamond or other stone for not a lot of money. The trick is to find a large ½ -1 carat + Diamond or other stone in the same quality. The problem being that the larger the crystal the harder it is to find one that is not included or may have another defect. Colored Gem Stone shopping can be a lot of fun, you can actually buy a colored stone to match an outfit, shoes, skin tone or almost anything else. Where else can you get natural beauty and quality and have fun at the same time.

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