Who is Smarter


Thought…….. Who is smarter? The Metal Detector or the Person using it? There are arguments for both but don’t answer that just yet……………



We do have some of the most technologically advanced Metal Detecting equipment on the planet, but what we need to understand is simple. We will ALWAYS be smarter than the machines. What we need to realize is the Metal Detector is a simple tool like a shovel, rake, tractor etc. We need to think of it only as a tool to find metal in the ground and nothing more. The machines today indeed can do much more than ever before, but the basic principle behind them is the same as the first day they were made, find metal. We also need to use the best super computer that has ever been designed to process the information that the Metal Detector is displaying for us. That’s right our brain.



What we need to do is simply break down and use deductive reasoning to figure out, based on the information given on the screen, and the VDI numbers ( Visual Description Indicators) and what we have already dug up to figure out what the target may or may not be. Many customers are looking for that elusive “perfect” setting for their detectors. It may exist but not in this world. But we do not need to do is overcomplicate things, just go out and go fishing in the dirt or sand or whatever conditions you may find. Most of all have fun. Good hunting.

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